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I was linking my Amazon Prime account to my TV and happened across a just-released documentary called, “The Perfect Human Diet”.

This diet reinforces what I’ve learned on my journey of researching and testing diets: eat a diet high in protein and complex carbs (vegetables & legumes) and low in simple carbs (starches and sugars); use fruits and nuts as snacks.  The Milk Industry will disagree but the diet also recommends staying away from milk and milk products.  One thing this diet explores, which was news to me, is to also stay clear of grains – even whole grains.  Whole grains restrict the absorption of minerals and these studies assert that grains are the reason our skulls and jaws are getting smaller.  Vitamin and mineral absorption is one reason I take Melaleuca supplements with Oligo.  This diet will assist one in achieving their ideal weight but will also help those who are already fit maintain their energy and health.

These findings are based on new technology that can analyze the diet of pre-historic man and Neanderthals.  The concept is that over the long course of human history from Neanderthals and their replacements, Modern Man, it wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution, which lead to farming, that obesity and the health issues that accompany obesity raised their ugly heads.  One can argue that the Industrial Revolution also afforded us more wealth and eliminated the need to hunt and gather.  This diet is also referred to as the Paleo Diet for the Paleolithic period.  A tiny percent of our human evolution occurred with the “benefit” of farming and processed foods while the bulk of our development (such as increased brain size) occurred and were probably prompted by our consumption of animal protein, vegetables, fruit and nuts – our Hunter-Gather stage.  The video even talks about the evidence for why our skulls, jaws, etc. are getting smaller, which coincided with the consumption of farmed grains (I’ve had 8 teeth removed, including my wisdom because my mouth is too small).

Watch the video – it’s free if you have Amazon Prime or cheap in my Amazon Store.



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